Random question- what house would you be in if you were at Hogwarts :D

Love that question :)
Propably in Hufflepuff. They are loyal, fair, accept everyone and are always there if you need help.  

So, first of all, congrats on getting reblogged by the one and only. Pretty freaking big. Second, is it bad that I scrolled down to see if that (gorgeous) girl if was your girlfriend and then sighed in relief when I saw that she wasn't because you're so darn cute? And by the way, I think we should play question tag :P ;)

Yeah I know! freaked out when I saw it! haha yes she is really pretty!  we can do it if you want :P

followed because you were hot and into doctor who

that’s allways a good reason :’)

Heyyyy congrats on the new sonic! I have ten's as a tv remote.(: you're one lucky guy! :D thanks for the follow btw! :3

uuh that’s cool :) No problem! I think you have a cool blog and you have a Van Gogh Template *~*

Oh my gosh you are absolutely perfect. :o I find everyone on tumblr is cuter/hotter than anyone at my school. My gosh tho, you are perfect in every way. Mai gawd #mancrusheveryday

ahhaha how can you tell? you just know how I look like and how I present myself on the internet :) I could be an asshole.. But thank you :)

Hi! I'm a huge fan of HP and DW too!! I looove your blog :D btw you are really cute :3

Hey :) I’m too! I love HP an doctor who :) and tank you :)

I saw your sonic selfie. I just have to say, you are one hot dude. Keep it up. And remember to thank your parents for the gift they have given you.

hahah thanks :P I’ll thank them later :P maybe… 

Has anyone ever compared you [in terms of appearance] to Chris Colfer? -- It's a compliment!

No, not really :P hahah thanks :P